Methyl 1-D Reviews And Information

New To M1-D?  Read The Science Behind This Prohormone…

Methyl 1-D is one of the hottest sports supplements on the market! Check out this anabolic precursor to androgens and understand how it may build mass and strength unlike simple testosterone boosters or herbal boosters. Learn why it’s important for men over 21 to boost their androgen levels!  Is Methyl 1-D truly a steroid replacement or is it all hype?  You decide…

The Science Of Methyl 1-D

Methyl 1-D is a precise blend of nutrients that are designed to work together to increase the potency of the parent hormone in the blend. We theorize these ingredients work together to block the negative cascade of events that your body goes through when you take a hormonal agent.

The body is always trying to keep your hormones at “normal” levels.  You, as an aspiring bodybuilder want to increase those levels without resorting to illegal drugs. These opposing forces are why most hormonal supplements in the past did not work.

The data suggests that simply including anti-estrogens in a hormonal formula will boost androgens by over 200%.  Methyl 1-D has two estrogen control agents to help boost its hormonal effects.

Also, you will want to block conversion to DHT, which is the hormone that causes you to lose your hair and oily skin.  This blocking mechanism may give you an additional bump in conversion to active hormones.

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Finally, you need to stop the body from clearing these hormones from your system, once you’ve taken them!  This is the sweet spot, since you want these hormones hanging around to give you increased mass and strength.

What Do The Real World Results Say?

In a preliminary study, one user of Methyl 1-D had testosterone levels equal to 550mg of anabolics per week.  This of course isn’t conclusive, but it does suggest that the theory is sound.  So, if you don’t live in a country, you might want to give Methyl 1-D a try.

Methyl 1-D also makes a good base along with other hormonal agents and stacks well with creatine and protein.  Click Here to find out about how to stack Methyl 1-D with other products and why you would want to stack!

Methyl 1-D is the best legal hormonal agent on the market and gives people who don’t want to use illegal anabolic steroids, an option to boost their hormone levels.

The Proof Is In The Prohormone Ingredients

Prohormone Ingredients Breakdown

Prohormone Complex 125mg

3beta-Hydroxyandrost-5-Ene-17-One – the hormone that converts to testosterone

3-Beta-Hydroxy-Urs-12-En-28-Oic Acid - an aromatase inhibitor that preliminary data suggests, reduces the conversion to estrogen (aromatase is the enzyme that converts androgens to estrogens, so blocking this is important)

Para-Hydroxy-Phenyl-Ethanolamine - 11b-Hydroxylase inhibitor, that may help load sugar and water into the muscle giving an immediate fullness.

Metabolism Complex: 250mg

Luteolin - Sulfotransferase Inhibitor that is one of the main ways hormones are excreted (sulfated hormones are rapidly excreted in the body)

Ellagic Acid - competitive SERM may block estrogenic effects at the receptor

Piperine – Glucoronidase inhibitor that is another main way hormones are excreted (glucoronidated testosterone is rapidly excreted in the body by blocking this we keep testosterone active longer)

Zinc Aspartate – studies suggest it increases androgen receptor sensitivity.

Coleus Forskolin – may increase 3bHydroxysteroid dehydrogenase that is responsible for converting hormones into active androgens.

Caprylic Acid – may increase androgen receptor activity

Stinging Nettle Extract - reduces SHBG effects that preliminary studies suggest may make more testosterone available and also may reduce 5aReductase activity which is the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT (5aReductase is another way to deactivate testosterone and is responsible for hair loss)

2-Phenyl-Di-Benzyl-Benzopyran-4-One – a non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor

Now You Know…

You can see that Methyl 1-D isn’t just your average hormonal product, it’s a complex group of nutrients designed to maximize hormonal functions. If you want to give yourself the best hormonal agent on the market without resorting to the “dark side” you owe it to yourself to get a bottle of Methyl 1-D today!

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